How much do you pay?
50/50 recur.

When do I get paid?
Every week directly from CCBill & Paycom.

How do I check on the amount of clicks and/or sign-ups I have sent?
You can login to your control panel to see how many clicks you sent and what pages generated signups if you lost your password please go here, you can see your traffic status vs intial signups from your control panel from within this iste however, for detailed sign-up stats you will have to login to your CCBill & Verotel stats area.

Where do I get my "linking code" to use on your banners?
Once you login to the webmasters area you will be easily able to generate your linkcodes from the control panel.

How do I change my information in my profile?
Just log in into your CCBill/Paycom account and change details.

Do I use the same user ID or linking code to refer other webmasters?

Can I put up multiple banners on multiple sites?
Sure thing. Promote anyways you like.

Do you accept non-English traffic?

Can I load your site in a frame?
Absolutely not.

Can I send traffic directly to the Join Page?
Yes you can.

Do you allow blind links?
Sure we do but mind that your conversion will not be as good with blind links.

Do you allow exit traffic?

Do You pay on exit consoles?
Yes send us traffic any way you want but off a webpage thou.

So how much money can I make?
Sky is the limit.

Can you wire payments to my bank account?
Yes contact CCBill/Paycom directly they'll hook you up.

I have not received a check, what should I do?
Contact paycom or CCBill

You can contact us anytime at webmaster @

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