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And now here are some useful tips:

There are some things that are necessary for an adult webmaster and one of them is to hang out on webmaster boards for tips and tools. We could put up a webmaster board right here and maybe we will in the future but for now I strongly suggest that if you are new to this business visit our TGPS RULE! webmaster board for help in starting out. There are few real cool guys hang out on that board who are actually very helpful. If you are not so new you probably already know about Netpond. If you are looking for a pissing contest ;) or a quick answer to your small problem visit Go Fuck Yourself. Many sucessful webmasters hang out on all these lounges. If they like you they may show you some light :)
There are plenty of free articles on the internet with tips and tools for how to improve your search engine ranking. Spend some reading those articles. As the matter of fact at places on this very site you'll notice repeating phrases which may sound redundant but it's cos this site has been optimized for search bots. However, the major importance for most Search Engines until today is the domain name. Buy relevant keyword based domain names. Yes, ofcourse you can still get a good ranking without keyworded domain name but you got to be SE guru to do that ;) You may also wanna seek help of SE optimization softwares. 
Age Verification Systems are good ways to bring in quality traffic. An AVS may contain different types of sites that they usually call standard and premium sites. Standard sites require to have about 30 pics in member's area.. here's an example how you can build a standard AVS to push Toy Teen. (I usually use just one sponsor for one site, it brings me a better result). Use a Toy Teen FPA at the entry page, link to AVS script page. In your content area use a Toy Teen HPA. Make sure all your galleries have a link back to that content page. Then submit your site to SEs, linklists. Add a couple links to toplists to recycle your traffic. Now, each AVSs may have different sets of guidelines.. once you start doing this you can work things out. Remember you would literally need to build thousands of AVSs to see a decent income flow. For more infos on building AVSs visit the webmaster boards mentioned above.
Free sites are great for linklists. Typically linklists have somewhat better quality traffic than TGPs but not as mush traffic thou. You gotta have a warning page. Some linklists will allow limited pop-up windows, some won't. Most will allow FPA but a few will require you to have certain FPA placements. Here's what you can do for Toy Teen. Build warning page, use your Toy Teen link code for exit pop, let surfers enter a page with FPA on top, links to your gallery at the bottom. Use a few text ads to Toy Teen on your galleries.

Visit the big TGPs everyday and view the top 10 galleries on their lists. These top 10s are most likely paid slots. Now, go a month behind in archives. See if galleries from the same webmaster are listed there. Only if a webmaster is making money with his galleries they will continue buying slots. So you are sure these galleries convert good. Now analyze these galleries very carefully. Observe them and try to figure out what may be making them work. Make sure while you may get ideas for your galleries from others already listed, do not no steal someone else's design. Besides surfers become blind to same kinda gallery designs very fast.

Try to put yourself in surfer's shoes and see what you like. What makes you click on a link? Was it the pecker talk, the awesome custom banner or did the content simply appeal to you? A small tip: nothing converts better than very appealing content, and your design, pecker talk is incentive on clicking links. We do not provide you with free content unless you can prove to us that you are a serious webmaster cos free content gets overused too soon causing the content lose its appeal. How if you are serious and need some content email madness @ toyteen.com

Try to keep the pink to a minimum. Give them more teasing pics but also make sure you have a few long shots of pink otherwise, some major TGPs won't list you. Use custom text links or custom banners and then watch your sales pile up.

A TGP gallery can be seen as a single page ad in a magazine. Grab a few issues of any magazines you have lying around, look at the ads there carefully and make notes of the common features. For more infos on building TGPs : Visit these SOBs ;)

Since our site contains considerable amount of movies, it's a very good idea to promote this site to MGP surfers. But first, make sure you have a very good bandwith deal. Cogent or Verio bandwith maybe ideal to burn on free movie pages. Again, please make sure you do not give out too much.. make the surfers pay to view a lot.
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